Many of the animations Dora helps children make get screened at the Lexi Cinema – which means you might even have seen one at a public viewing on a Saturday morning. So Cannes and Hollywood, best save a little strip of red carpet for the kids of little ol’ Kensal Rise, hey?


“More Than Just Great Cinema” – that’s what it says under our logo.

And that’s what The Lexi is all about…


The UK’s first social enterprise independent boutique digital cinema – that ticks quite a few boxes, doesn’t it? We donate 100% of our profits to charity and are staffed predominantly by passionate local volunteers. We like to think we’re improving the quality of life for everyone in our little corner of northwest London and at the same time making a difference to the quality of life for a very different community on the other side of the world.



We periodically partner up with The Lexi Cinema to offer kids the opportunity to learn about animation and film making, and then to see the fruits of their efforts up on the Lexi big screen.


Take a squiz here at what was achieved recently in a 4 hour workshop at the Lexi.

Such budding young Spielbergs in our midst!

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