Unique Creative Animation Party


We produce a short animated story to keep a memory of the day.

Children ones will explore various exciting art techniques, including voice recordings, painting, collage, or creating puppets and props which will all contribute to the creation of a final collaborative animation.


Your party will be tailor-made and based on any theme your child love.


Each child receives a copy of their animated film on DVD.




I commissioned Dora to create a bespoke children's animation.

It involved a lot of work and imagination, and she was just a dream throughout. She organised and hosted a children's party where she created all of the materials for the animation, worked with just under 20 children, ensured they all learned from her, and then created the film afterwards.

She was organised and efficient and wonderfully kind and patient.

The end product is an incredibly professional, special movie that each of the children will treasure forever. I would recommend Dora to adults and children alike as an exemplary animation expert and an inspiring teacher.less


March 6, 2014, Juliet


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