'Children are learning skills of animation, film making, graphic design, illustration website design and textile design. The children enjoy this work immensely and learning skills that they would not necessarily learn during the school day.

The work that the children produce is of an exceptionally high standard.'


(Pam Thomas, Headteacher of Malorees Junior School 17th June 2009)



'We were delight and honored to premiere the short animated film Empire of the Sun

at our film festival. The audience loved the Empire of the Sun which is beautifully made, funny, insightful and informative about solar system.'


(Anna Bown, Director of Films at Kilburn Festival, 14th June 2009)



'We show the film during half term and it was a nice addition to the programmeand one the families visiting enjoyed'.


(Sandra Hedblad, Programme Manager - Family Learning, Learning Department, Museum of London, 31st March 2011)



'Dora has inspired my whole family to create animation through Schooling The Imagination. I have had wonderful coaching and through Dora's courses, my children aged 4 and 8, have learned so much about the process of animation - and even seen their final creations on a big screen in the cinema. Dora's animation classes capture the creativity and spirit of the children so beautifully, I would recommend to anyone.'


(Caroline Bourne, 4th July 2013)



I have worked with Dora Martinkova at my Creative Cafe in Queens Park for over 18 months.

Dora creates and leads Animation Workshops for children aged 3- 11 years at my venueand I have always found her to be punctual,

well-prepared and enthusiastic. She has limitless creative ideas and engages well with children,

allowing them to contribute their ideas whilst teaching new techniques.

(Lucy Sheard, Manager,Izzy Jones Creative Café, 3rd January 2014)



'Dora engages the children in interesting activities, enabling them to produce work of a very high standard.

The children enjoy her media club and I’m happy to say that Dora is constantly finding ways to link

what she does in her club with the curriculum the children are following in class.'


(Wendy Wayland, Assistant Headteacher, Malorees Junior School, 14th February 2014)

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